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Digital Photo Enhancements in Macclenny, FL


Brenda Harris

"Amazing! I love the addition of the naval ship in the background" 


Becky Linster Snow

"You did a fantastic job on that photo! If I’m not mistaken, that was a print on regular paper. Thank you, that’s my dad, Raymond Linster."


We offer a fast and affordable 1 day to 3 day restorations.

If you have old, faded or damaged photos that you would like to bring back to life, please contact us today. 


$15 Basic Restoration includes:
- Red-eye correction
- Remove blemishes
- Lighten/Darken)
- Remove small stains or imperfections
- Remove dust & scratches
- Remove minor creases

$40 Intermediate Restoration includes:
- Color correction
- Restore damage done by water / mold / etc.
- Restore original color
- Repair tears
- Repair large stained areas

$60 Advanced Restoration includes:
A combination of the repairs listed above

- Black and White/Sepia to color
- Minoe reconstruction of missing areas
- Severely stained or damaged photographs


$100 Major Reconstruction:
 Major reconstruction/design of missing areas.


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